A whole life can be wasted just trying to find out where you belong, and for Alessandra Paul this might just be the case.

            Alessandra is an artist; she has gone from painting to photography to fashion design, but her one true passion still remains: writing.

            “I still haven’t found my place, which makes me feel horrible! Some people love my work, and a few hate it.” Alessandra finds herself caring more about the thoughts of one person in particular than everyone else, which frightens her.

            In fear of not being as good as she once thought Alessandra is trying something new: philosophy, politics, and neurosciences with writing.

On the other hand, her likes have not changed, “I love tattoos, but I am horrified of the pain!” said Alessandra, who is a fan of Kat Von D, Ed Hardy, and loves metal, photography, the ocean, and intellectual people.

            Even though some of her wishes have come true, sometimes the longing for something appears magically, which she automatically takes advantage of.

            The best way to describe her works and even her life would be the concept of an endless “theatre of tragedy” which she proudly accepts.

            Other people like Mr. Kinley, owner of Kinley’s Coffee and Tea House, describes Alessandra as “A work of art”.           

            “I don’t mind having melancholy or dilemmas, for they give me plenty to write and do art about” states Alessandra, although she would prefer sunny days over rainy ones at times.

            In some of her writings and even photographs, she presents the ideas of searching for freedom from a painful heart, and how even the most obscure and wretched places have beauty in them.

            Alessandra’s work captures the darkest human emotions and aspects of life; her poetry and photography paint tragic sceneries as they unfold magically into mesmerizing beauty and sorrow.

            “I just need to find places where I can be content or someone to be happy with and still can write passionately” said Alessandra, who waits for that turning point in life when the misery in her work and herself become two separate forces.