My money, my body

By Alessandra Paul

             “It’s my money and my body!” I protested to my dad, as he remained in complete silence just nodding his head, “I am not going to tell you what to do it’s your choice but, you know my opinion on that” he said.

            For a week my mind and me would walk into the tattoo studio and walk out in fear, but one day I decided to just go, for I would always wonder.

            My first tattoo was an inverted pink and black star on my back; it was a symbol and a preparation for the bigger tattoo.

            The little star was a symbol of independence and a reminder that I am a star.

            There are endless reasons for getting a tattoo, but whatever the reason might be, one can never forget its pros and cons.

            Getting a tattoo is a serious issue that needs to be thought thoroughly with a clear mind.

            First things to consider are: the body part you want to get tattooed and why; where you should go to have it done; the dangers of getting a tattoo and future consequences.

            It is important to meditate on the idea of why you want to get it, and what design you are getting; you will live with a tattoo for the rest of your life.

            Most importantly, one needs to be aware of possible diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, and other viral infections; also the new lifestyle you are about to accept.

            Now, the place and artist that you choose are crucial, for this procedure is much like surgery, and you don’t want insanities tools or people without certification.

            Tattoos range from $50 to $1,000, depending on the job, and usually take about half an hour to several sessions; some pain may be involved, but it won’t be something you can’t handle.

            After getting a tattoo, there will be a sensation of burning and hurt on the tattooed surface, and healing will take about two weeks.

            The healing process is scary; the ink will start peeling off like a scab, and body fluids might come out; humidity and scratching are forbidden as well as sun exposure.

            After you get it done, you must take precautions, for it will be just as if you were recovering from a bad burn, and during this time your lifestyle will be different.

            Donation of blood is restricted till a year later, weight must be kept, and your job and relationships with other people and family might change.

            Even though tattoos catch many people’s attention, they are not for everyone; don’t be fooled just because your favorite celebrity has one, it doesn’t mean it will look “hot” on you.

            A tattoo is no joke; it is not something you can put aside or something you can get “just because”; it is rather a lifestyle, a new you, and you would have to embrace it and love it.

            I am completely in love with my tattoo and I am ready for more, now without the fear of feeling pain; I just wished someone would have to me the procedures.