Starting over

By Alessandra

My best friend used to be bulimic and a cutter and I watched her destroy herself slowly, I watched her slowly wither like a flower as days past by.

Offering all the help I could give her I stayed by her side she was like my sister, her pain was my pain but, my help seemed to never be good enough.

She was far too gone as days past by like wind between fingers her condition just worsened, our friendship started to die as she drowned depper in an invisible ocean.

People such as friends, boyfriends, and teachers would offer her lifelines but she foolishly declined them always.

I would always wonder why? Why does she not listen? My mind would go wild thinking of her tragic end and what I would do and feel if she would cease to exist.

Nights and days would pass accompanied with my worries of : “will she survive tonight? Will I get a phone call saying she is gone?”

Nobody could help her as she seemed to be rebellious and totally ignorant towards the people that loved her and wanted her to be better.

This old friend was given many opportunities to start again but she remained the same but with time the bulimia was gone and so was the cutting, sadly, the sorrow remained.

It wasn’t until this October that light was shone at the end of the dark tunnel of hers, she gave birth to her son.

Magically she became beautiful again she no longer looked like a withered flower, she was happy finally.

Her son saved her and blessed her with that happiness and peace that she had been searching for, she finally was ready for a new beginning.

                Now I know that maybe she didn’t take all those lifeliness because her fate was to have this child and give him all the love she never had.

                Its easy for everyone to say that each day is a new day and that we can always start over, but the truth is that maybe its not the right time to do so.

                Not every day is a new day to start again, not everyday are we ready to do so.

                I believe we are not always ready, I believe the day will come when we are.

Every day we are given a new opportunity in life but, not always are we ready to take it. This I believe.