Traveler with a Broken Compass

My mind is found at blank unable to find words to paint a good scenery.

Speech is gone cant find a voice o speak for me, it’s relevant isn’t it? My face;

I am doing the impossible to hide how insecurity eats away my flesh.

I am lost, can’t speak, your language is faintly I wish to speak but, my tongue is tied, numbness has met its fate, I am better here I know but, I have stopped feeling.

I am in blank these insecurities and new world burn away my carnage, I am trying to show I am great but I am trying to hide my face.

I don’t like to act like a tourist.

People treat you differently and won’t leave you alone.

I am in a new unknown place.

No known faces here I am a traveler stuck in time, in a place were time doesn’t seem to exist, nevertheless, matter.

It never ends and it never starts

The knowledge of when I shall depart is unknown.

I have to admit I’d hate to leave.

I seem to belong here for all my misery is at ease.

Don’t want to leave.

Now I am leaving all my imperfections and insecurities behind.

Traveler lost in a time unknown

Now I have found my place

But I am a traveler with a broken compass.

Wanting to stay but my past won’t let me.

My new gain immortality is a waste.

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