What Do Men Most Want?
By: Alessandra Paul

For many years many women had gone through hell trying to figure out what exactly their men and men in particular want. Many women and some men have in a way degraded themselves just to make ends meet, many times failing. So really what is it that men most want? Is it sex, money, that one person to spend the rest of their lives with? Is it power? Or some random thing? What is it?
The wanting of something in particular has nothing to do with gender, age, race, and other factors. No being is the same and therefore, not all men are going to want the same thing. However, all men have a common denominator which is the craving for power, which is about it. One will never be able to come up with the right answer for humans are all distinct from one another and there are many factors in place. Some of these factors that make all of human kind unique are cultural geography, maturity, philosophy/mentality, morals, beliefs, likes and dislikes and even sexual preferences.
Over a period of time I interviewed men from various age groups, professions, and distinct parts of the world. Always getting different answers but always concluding to one thing, power. It is no wonder to hear of this answer for over the years society has brainwashed us with this ideal. Also, men like all past presidents of the U.S. have served as role models for success and power. Many figures throughout the history of mankind have unconsciously implanted the ideal of power into the minds of men.
For example, some philosophers such as Nietzsche have introduced humanity to this kind of power. This teaches one that you can be an Ubermenche which means super-man, that power is all. Nietzsche has inspired many of today’s most powerful men such as President Obama, Adolf Hitler, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Joseph Stalin, Hu Jintao, president from China, and many musicians, just to name a few.
“Power, because that leads to more money and women” said Rod Angeles after being presented with the question. Another interviewee musician Keith Holuk said “Sex!” .While Norwegian death metal band Darkthrone just stated: “I want to get goose bumps when I listen to music”. As one can see there was a range of answers. San Elizario band Casanova replied with “well I can tell you first and foremost that men do want money but so does everyone else in the world maybe women more than men. Men really do want just to be embraced and loved by that one girl and knowing she’s yours. But I would probably have to go with sex being the one thing men want the most in life rating on the majority of men.”
On the other side, I was answered with some emotional answers such as: “I just want to feel complete” from Levithan, a Washington resident. Musician Rosvel from Ayleen stated that guys want: “girls to be waiting for us when we come home.” Another answer that I got, that in my opinion was the most thoughtful and beautiful was from L.O.R.D, he explained to me how “Gender does not define the purpose of what a certain individual desires, there’s men that look for money in life, there’s men that look for fame, there’s man that look for a romantic partner, there’s men that just want to stick it in every hole they find. What I want is to find an ideal soul mate to spend the rest of my life with, make a family and live through struggles and happy times together, share the good and the bad, until the end of one of our lives.”
In addition to this John Song, an NMSU student explained how “Now in days, society or the media has corrupted the beauty of what man desires and has focused on superficiality and on doing things based on how good it feels. Man has fallen short and has prioritized all the wrong things. As a result, generation after generation go by with merely trying to satisfy themselves and get their fill of “life” and men, now in days, consider a good life to consist of getting or making lots of money, having lots of sex with lots of attractive girls and having lots of the best things out there and feel good and get drunk and smoke this weed and this crap. Mankind has even degraded the meaning of true love. Love isn’t what it used to be. It’s just thrown around and thus results in many divorces and so many complications arise from this. Man has turned his back on God and in turn has lost respect for life in disrespecting authority, themselves, and women. Man is proud and it takes humility to see the errors of our way but man is stubborn, man is proud.”
Answers vary according to whom you ask; of course the most popular answer is power and sex, sex being also a form of power in another level. One can only expect to hear a variety of answers. As for the women out there you can expect the unthinkable from men, they all differ. Just remember that power is most important to them. Those men also want to know that you are there for them and that you belong to them. The mentality of power is something that we might not be able to change for it grows as we human kind evolucionize.