Angel voices in the winter

By Alessandra Paul

            Beautiful singing voices were heard in Loretto on December 7th, 2009, as the Loretto Show Choir and the Irish Aires performed traditional Christmas songs in their program “A Winter Concert”.

            The two choirs were conducted by choir director Michael Hernandez and accompanied by Nathan Shocker at the piano.

            Both singing groups came together as one choir performing faultlessly  and creating a great holiday atmosphere with traditional songs such as Joy to The World, Away In A Manger, O Holy Night, and Silent Night, just to name a few.

            The performances also included solo acts from Catherine Gailey, who sang beautifully O Holy Night, taking the breath away from the audience.

            Nicole Herrera and Ricky Ramos, from Cathedral High School, did a duet on Baby It’s Cold Outside, which was wonderfully performed both in the vocals and the small acting involved.

            The girls from show choir did an amazing job; their vocals were very prominent and angelic as well as the Irish Aires who were just as outstanding as the Loretto girls.

            All the singers did a fabulous job on breathing techniques which prevented their voices from breaking; they were all in a perfect pitch range that showed their true talent and dedication.

            “This year was different from past years,” Lourdes Ortiz, show choir president said, and added: “We have very strong voices this year and many girls who are committed and work hard; we even have some strong music readers.”

            The girls had been practicing a lot for this performance, having rehearsals whenever possible, helping each other memorize lines, and by demonstrating a lot of dedication.          

Indeed, there were a lot of committed young girls and boys on the Little Theater’s stage; as soon as they started singing, one could feel the energy they transmitted to everyone with each song.

A Winter Concert was just like a choir of angels singing at night to prepare us for the holidays and bring us happiness and beauty.

            However, if you missed this beautiful program, you still have a chance to see these talented girls sing in the annual spring concert, which date is yet to be announced.