Forest of desires and fantasies

 By Alessandra Paul

This past month the Loretto Drama Department presented a new production: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare, a play in which a magical world of fairies and dreams come to life. The story is about two pairs of lovers who get lost inside a forest due to their love and desires; on the other side there is the supernatural world with a king and queen fairy, her fairies, and a creature named Puck, who pulls all the pranks in this enchanted world. A Midsummer Night’s Dream also includes a play within a play, performed by six amateur actors, which part was not confusing at all. The play had some great actresses and actors who are sure to have a bright future on stage. Demetrius (Tyler Zerbe, local actor), Puck (Mateo Williams of Cathedral HS), Helena (Devon Gonzalez,), Hippolyta/ Titania (Annette Lopez), and Hermia (Mariana Prieto), Loretto high school students, who were wonderful; they portrayed their characters perfectly and with much passion and emotion. Other actors and actresses who were outstanding were the middle school fairies who dazzled the audience with their innocence and cuteness. Setting the performers aside, the production staff such as sound, makeup and hair, and costumes did a marvelous job carrying the play to life. The makeup and artists did a beautiful job bringing out the best features of the characters and setting the right mood; the costume crew also did a good job, especially with designs which fitted perfectly in certain scenes. Stage crews and sound crews didn’t stay behind; the music was truly magical and gave meaning to the dialogues and the lighting which set the perfect mood of night, day, and dreaming. The set design created by Mrs. Jensen, the National Art Honor Society girls, and set crew was gorgeous and truly a simple but deep symbol of the desires, dreams, and the forest, the place in which the story takes place. Ms. Veronica Santoyo, director of theater, was simply outstanding, and although she could not be seen on stage, she was present behind the curtains, for one could see the discipline the actors and backstage artists had in this play and how ideally it showed hidden talents. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was a beautiful production with much symbolism, beauty, creativity, talent, and comedy; in addition, it was created with an immense amount of hard work, talent, and even a dream of taking a Shakespearian tale into the limelight again.