Queen of the opera

 By Alessandra Paul

Opera singer and music teacher, Yvonne Loftin, has captivated audiences worldwide; a Loretto graduate, she has strived all her life to help artists in the making. Mrs. Loftin, together with her husband, Prentice Loftin, founded the Conservatory of El Paso in 2004 , having taught many great singers, including Marie Gailey, former Loretto student. Mrs. Loftin has been a professional singer for 40 years; she loves teaching music and has helped young singers find their way in the music world. Mrs. Loftin started her musical career at the age of 18 as a UTEP student; that same year, she was in her first opera, Madama Butterfly, in which she performed the lead. “I left UTEP, and I traveled a lot all over the world, singing.” said Loftin. She lived in Spain, Mexico, and other places representing the American Embassy and the Department of State in Mexico; this, she says, has been some of the highlights in her life. After traveling and living in many different places, she came back to El Paso, because of her children, and performed in Tosca, the first opera staged here in El Paso. “Other highlights in my life have been performing for the National Public Radio with my students, who received a $75,000 scholarship for the New England Conservatory.” said Loftin. Mrs. Loftin and her husband are both united in helping artists through the Conservatory. “We have the strongest desire to help them; there are so many talented people here in El Paso.” Mrs. Loftin said. One of her joys in life is finding out her students have succeeded and grown to be wonderful singers. “You see, I love hearing from all these young people whom I have taught!” “One of the most important forces in life is parents’ support of their children’s talents. It is the most perfect gift parents can give, especially, if a child loves music.” The music career of Yvonne Loftin has offered her many rewarding moments and the opportunity to teach and guide a new generation to superior heights.