By Alessandra Paul

A man and I were talking about how beautiful the moon looked the other night, we then spoke of sunrises and sunsets, how beautiful they were. I never had seen a sunset and sunrises only but a few.

But, now that I remember I have seen a sunset, something I have dreaded for so long. I wanted my first sunset to mark happiness, I wanted it to be something special. Something to tell me I was alive.

Every year for about five years now I have traveled on a tour bus from the U.S. to exotic, cultural, and beautiful places in Mexico. The only thing I loved more than traveling itself has been and always will be watching the stars at night in those deserted places one must cross to reach your other destination.

The stars look so perfect, there are no lights to kill their presence. They look like they are a bunch of diamonds laid across a big black curtain, I only hope that when I die I can become an angel in the sky and owe all those beautiful shinny rocks called stars.

However, nights I have seen plenty of times, its lost its meaning to me quite a bit, sunsets and sunrises are of importance to me now, I have always loved to sit and watch one. Till last December.

Annually every X-mas I go to Pt. Vallarta in Mexico for personal reasons, holidays just suck for me. I have gone to this paradise for three years now and this last year it was life changing.

I saw my first sunset, and what better than in the ocean shore located in El Malecon, I didn’t want to watch at first, but its beauty was so astonishing and mesmerizing, that in that moment, I decided that this agony was no good, the people that have left my life are never coming back, that I am so fortunate to have this life, to be alive, and to have such beautiful family members that greet me with such love. I am so lucky to have the life I have, I am not poor, unhealthy, or derange. I mean I could be worse.

Then in that moment I realized that happiness has nothing to do with materialism but rather with the people that surround you, the things you love doing, and for me I found that art, music, love, and truth is what happiness is for me and nothing else nothing more.

In this place and time I realized that happiness for me is already gained and seeing this sunset just proved to me how alive I really am.

I still love the still of the dark night like the ones in Chihuahua, Zacatecas, or on the road to Nevada or California, where the stars are only but diamonds.

But, the ocean’s sunset in the various beaches of Vallarta like in Conchas Chinas or El Eden, reassured me that life still exists within me, reassured me that my life is perfect and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing.