God hates us all?
By Alessandra Paul

Almost every day soldiers, veterans, and military officials perish; military funerals are arranged with burial services and processions taking place; everything goes as planned, until one peculiar person or group shows up.
Banners and signs reading “THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS”, “9/11 A GIFT FROM GOD”, and “UNITED YOU’LL FALL” are held with a strong grip.
“I can’t believe they have the audacity to protest the very soldiers that are dying for our freedom,” said Zach Falkenberry, student at Texas A&M University,
The name of this church  organization is called “God Hates America” whose duty is to let Americans know how much God hates our nation and bring a message of hate and pain to all Americans and affected families.
Some ideals that this group of people proclaim are how all illnesses, hurricanes, and tragedies are a punishment from God because America has so many homosexuals, sodomy, abortion, an anti-Christ President, divorce, etc.
“Those people have taken advantage of their freedom; to make a statement so bold as to say that 9/11 was a gift from God is like saying that the death of 2,617 people was at no price at all; what kind of person would stand at genocide and praise evil?” said Kyle Matthew Wyndham, a junior in Cathedral.
Freedom cannot be abolished, but I am sure that our Forefathers wouldn’t have thought of this ever happening here in America.
Due to these uncalled protests, Republican Representative, Mike Rogers, is introducing a legislation that forbids people to protest at funerals, must stay away from funeral services for 500 feet, and all protests are banned before and after 60 minutes of the funeral services.
There should be a law to make such protests illegal on funeral grounds; whether we like it or not, soldiers are heroes and without them America would not be the greatest country in the world.