With the speculations being made about the world ending in 2012, fear has instilled itself within my veins and taken over my mind. As a lover of philosophy, however, I believe this is not so. I believe that the human and soul connection will disappear and an evolution will occur; this evolution is the mind and the spiritual exodus. My main inspirations were F. Nietzsche, the wonderful culture of Mexico, and the CD Death Cult Armageddon, which made me question the legitimacy of this event.

My idea is that once 2012 passes, some people will advance or regress in the spiritual and mental level and will have accompanied factors such as knowledge, mutation, and either reach spiritual highness or descend. In my concentration I narrate the story of the last days with images from everyday people and angels. They were portrayed with physical and spiritual aspects, thus hinting the ghostly images and aura colors in all the pictures. Some images depict completeness; no auras or soul detachment can be seen. While others show enslavement of self , corruption from “godly” figures, searching, spiritual ultimatum, and, of course, failure and the fallen.

welcome to a new age, the age of spiritual exodus…


Alessandra Paul

Place : Amaggedon