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Adopt A Dolphin, Protect a Pod

As living legends, the wild spinner dolphins have historically entered nearshore areas to rest, play, nurse and teach their young . Revered by Hawaiian’s, they are symbolic of many qualities lost in the disconnection from nature experienced by humans; such as playfullness, joy and trust.

Up until 1995, the spinners were found in particualr areas on a daily basis in pods of 65-70 animals. Today, in these same areas, they are present only a few days out of the month and the pod has shrunk to an average of 35 animals. This disruption appears to be caused by intense and unregulated visitation by dolphin tour boats.

The Wild Dolphin Foundation needs your help in protecting these majestic creatures.

Adoption Kit includes (please allow up to six weeks for delivery):

  • “Everyone Needs a Porpoise in Life ” WDF bumper-sticker
  • Personalized Certificate of Adoption
  • Subscription to our e-newsletter
  • History about your dolphin and updates
  • Be placed in their MySpace profile “Top Friends”

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Help save the Wild Dolphins of Hawaii, adopt a Dolphin today for only $35