A land called Italy

By: Alessandra Paul

Out of all the trips I have taken no trip had ever been so exhausting, painful, filled with excruciating jet lag every other day,  filled with emotions, dream fulfilling, new hopes and dreams, life changing experience, and had taught me things. In no other trip had I met such beautiful people such as a woman from Dallas/Iowa and a poet I met in the train station of Florence, among other people.  As well as taken 8 plus airplanes, 8 trains, countless of metros and buses, a water taxi (Venice), and had to manage myself in five languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French).

The beautiful places I had the pleasure of seeing where: Florence, Assisi, Venice, Rome, and the Vatican as well as a day stay in Frankfurt, Germany. I especially feel in love with Firenze (Florence) and will be looking for any excuse to go back there. The Vatican (Il Vaticano) was such a magical place the amount of art being handled there and its beauty made me want to shed a couple of tears at the end of the day. And seeing Pope John Paul II’s grave caused a weird sensation within me, something I hadn’t felt in years. Assisi was just plain adorable and stunning! It remains as a medieval place and the basilica was very vampiric as only candles would be served as light and no cameras were allowed 😦 . Venice (Venezia) was also beautiful but my least favorite for there was only one attraction there: San Marcos Basilica and the fact that the whole town is basically on water. At last Rome, this was my home for two weeks and I fell completely and utterly in love with it. This is my new home away from home.

Sadness though has taken place in my heart for I did not get to see the only Michael Angelo piece I had left to see: the David and couldn’t go visit my beautiful Milan :(.

But the saddest thing was, going back to the U.S. for nothing is really waiting when you come back versus the staying in a new place were you have all to gain and lovers yet to make and find.

I came to the sad conclusion that any place seems to be better than the U.S for me. However, I am content to know that I belong somewhere just not here. So Europe see you in a year! Switzerland you are my next! .Hopefully.