“Why do you make mom cry?” asked my brother firmly and followed by his silence waiting for a response that was never going to come. Instead I just stared at him as he looked away from me a little a shamed a little hurt. Little did I know that since then since one year ago an answer to that question would be inexistent. I simply did not have the emotional or mental capability to show reasoning and the ability to say anything at least. But anything is not good sometimes silence is better than words than the damage of speaking a faint truth that did not correlate to the question in this whole.

It was that night that a boy opened my eyes to real happiness I knew the concept of a simple life filled with abundant good but never really understood and experienced it firsthand. He taught me how to look at the stars at night and literally wish upon a star, to look at sunsets with great love, enjoy walking under the rain without shame of looking like a rag doll, to take at least 5 minutes to walk the dog and pay attention and love to it, say hello to everyone that might cross my way and when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE!, and just sit next to someone and enjoy the simple company, to give a hug, to smile without fear, to be vulnerable, to never give up on love and life, and to keep a promise.

This boy tough me life and that you do not need much or anything to be happy. Many people will argue that you need things to be happy like money, cars, clothes, etc and to be honest you don’t! Of course I won’t debate this but all humans need the basics which is food, shelter, protection , etc. If you really ask , what is happiness? The answer will be ….. what makes your soul smile. You don’t need a whole lot of money to be happy or luxurious things or even go to college the key is to do what you want and don’t doubt yourself if it makes you happy do it. Look past life’s dilemmas because in 10 years or even in a week will that problem still matter? Would you even remember? For years I have been away from “home” spent my whole life studying, making art, and waiting for a bigger whole it is unfortunate. However, I look past that because my life is just as perfect as it can get yes I do miss closure sometimes but the people I have met and have changed me make this ride worth it.

This 11 year old is my brother his innocence has opened my eyes to see what real happiness really is that it only takes one minute to make you happy for the rest of the year or even life, one glimpse to have a life change. So to answer the question: “why do you make mom cry” I can say with the heart on my hand, that she cries because I have followed my own path and have gotten lost and returned and cant be found. That I have wished upon the stars and elevated far from her to where she cannot touch me. That every night for 19 years she has wished to have witness my life and never had the chance due to her own issues. I make her cry just like a lot of people because I have changed and this new change did not include her. This only included my own definition of family, life, art, love, and I.

This is what defines happiness for me I travel my own road and live my own life finally.