Dedicated to: Mandy,Pa, Ilario, Bibi, Choni, and Andrew.


The following words do not support in any way any religious group but rather serve as a literary device and a “what if”. If thou shall be offended please ignore this theory of the creation of earth and life.

Alessandra Paul

It is written that God created the world in seven days but, we as humans when do we start creating our own world? How long does it take to create our own existence?
It took God seven days but it took me 19 years to create my own world and 15 days to fall into this realization.
15 days were how long it took me to accept that I am alive at last, to know that I cannot live without the people in my life, to know that I will forever love you, to grow to love a family when we are oceans apart.
I created my world in 19 years and accepted my own life, defeats, wins, to know the truth, to not hide the feelings of the heart out of fear of vulnerability, to decide that the upcoming choices in life will be for the better and not fear, and to accept and love everyone including myself.
But as humans when do we start creating our own world aside from the one we live in? How long does it take for our own realization?

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