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The cycle of the human transforming into a different being.

La Vie en Rose- Edith Piaf

Des Yeux Qui Font Baisser Les Miens
Un Rire Qui Se Perd Sur Sa Bouche
Voila Le Portrait Sans Retouche
De L’homme Auguel J’appartiens

Quand Il Me Prend Dans Ses Bras,
Il Me Parle Tout Bas
Je Vois La Vie En Rose,
Il Me Dit Des Mots D’amour
Das Mots De Tous Les Jours,
Et Ca Me Fait Quelques Choses
Il Est Entre Dans Mon Coeur,
Une Part De Bonheur
Dont Je Connais La Cause, C’est Lui Pour
Moi, Moi Pour Lui Dans La Vie
Il Me L’a Dit, L’a Jure Pour La Vie,
Et Des Que Je L’apercois
Alors Je Sens En Moi, Mon Coeur Qui Bat…

Des Nuits D’amour A Plus Finir
Un Grand Bonheur Qui Prend Sa Place
Les Ennuis, Des Chagrins S’effacent
Heureux, Heureux A En Mourir


Planet Earth has been rapidly changing in many ways such as technology, economy, education, health, agriculture, and the environment. Some of the introduced deviations have assisted our planet and some have instigated great misfortune. Men have produced the ultimate sickness for our only home which is called global warming. Though there are some speculations on the legitimacy of this event many organizations and drastic catastrophic weather patterns beg to differ. If humans and corporations around the world fail to repair this issue, in the near future this could mean a massive extinction of various life forms and the ecosystem.

Global climate change is the changing of Earth’s temperatures in a drastic harmful way. Scientists now state that Earth had never been hotter; its temperatures are reaching heights and lows not seen since 4,000 years ago (last ice age). The warming change is contributed to the greenhouse gases which consist of carbon dioxide and methane. Some of the factors that play a role as well are the solar variability and climate change. This annual change is causing deforestation, extinctions, and changes in ecosystem, burning of fossil fuels, and farming. Scientists believe that this change will cause tropical storms, certain diseases like malaria, heat strokes, and other death (Stanford Solar Center2008).

In the mid-1700s a large amount of greenhouses gases being burnet by humans from transportation and fuels increased to an incredible amount. Unfortunately, these gases which serve to keep Earth warm can stay for over 50 years in the atmosphere and cause holes in the ozone due to overheating. Over the past century Earth has been heating up by one degree. However, that one degree of change annually leads to warming of seas, causing floods, storms, and droughts. One must remember that in the last ice age the difference between global temperature and modern times were only nine degrees a part (Environmental Defense Fund).

Climate change does not only affect temperatures but the community, ecological system, migration, economy, health, farming, agriculture, and our everyday life. In 2006, heat waves across America including El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico claimed approximately 225 lives. In 2005, polar bears started drowning due to melting glaciers. Also, in 2070 all glaciers in Glaciers National Park will be melted (Natural Resources Defense Center 2010). If we take a look at El Paso, Texas one can find the simple factors and effects of global warming contributed by men. ASARCO, an American Smelting And Refining Company, is a clear example of local warming. By getting electricity from a coal-fired power plant and using oil or natural gas humans are already making global warming worse. The plant has contributed to the immense pollution the city already had by causing asthma, low quality of air, and death. These sicknesses cause people not to be able to work causing a personal economic deficiency. These gases not only contribute to the greenhouses gases but help destroy ecosystems (Coalition for Clean Air 2010).

“The physical processes that cause climate change are scientifically well documented: both human activities and natural variability are contributing to global and regional warming. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whose documents are considered the most authoritative source for information on the “state of the science” on climate change, it is very likely that most of the observed warming over the past 50 years is the result of increased greenhouse gases generated by human activities” Stated The National Academies. To try and amend the damage done by humans some organizations such as GreenPeace have taken a stand. GreenPeace is an independent global campaign/group that defends Planet Earth and raises awareness about global warming, nuclear safety, and environmental justice. Since the 70’s this organization has done boycotts by land and seas (Rainbow Warrior Ship) in order to defend our only home (GreenPeace International).

Environmental change starts locally in our city and there are many simple, easy, and non-expensive ways to preserve Earth. The term “Going Green” refers to the many options there are to help our only home. Some easy ways to going green are things as simple as turning off the lights, unplugging appliances when not in use, turn off the water faucet when cleaning dishes, taking short showers, and most important recycling. One can also buy florescent light bulbs which tend to last longer and save more energy and budget (Washington University in St. Louise 2005). Many companies and cities all over the United States have gone completely green such as Las Vegas with their electric highways and companies such as Ikea (Going Green 2011). El Paso, Texas has also implemented the option of recycling every once a week at least and has given a blue container to every house to practice this new strategy.

Planet Earth is our only home whether we accept it or not we must take care of it. The answer is in our hands and curing Earth from this sickness created by men is not as hard as it seems. If we do not take a stand now tomorrow will be too late and rest assure our decadence as humans will be a long painful journey. The change starts with you.


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