The most beautiful emotion a human can ever feel is the one of being free from any chain that holds one a prisoner to any circumstance or matter. The feelings of liberation, breaking free, running away, the feeling and action of being forever emancipated is a great treasure.  To become your own protection, to escape from painful people and situations, and the amazing feeling of starting on a clean slate and eliminating the fear of losing everything including yourself. Freedom and the act of emancipation cannot be concretely explained but any human being can agree it is what they are searching for.

            In the novel In Perfect Light By: Benjamin Alire Saenz the theme of freedom and emancipation runs through the pages. Many characters in the novel such as Mando, Yolie, and even the children Ilinea and Andres are too; just as the adults like Grace, Andres (who is ever looking since child), and what seems to be all of the characters in the novel at some point or another such as Liz or Mister even Richard (Grace’s Doctor) or Dave. Every character is a mere reflection of real life characters that search constantly for something such as freedom and even forgiveness (in Andres’ case with Mrs. Fernandez or Grace with Sam and her son).

            Emancipation or emancipated means “to free from restraint, control, or the power of another; especially: to free from bondage 2: to release from paternal care and responsibility 3: to free from any controlling influence (as traditional mores or beliefs)”. As explained by Merriam Webster Dictionary. This verb has also been used in past history and legal terms such as civil rights movements, Emancipation Proclamation, voting, Emancipation day, slavery, Marxism, religious terns/motives, child emancipation from parents or family, and on personal levels from a certain event/situation or circumstance.

            Andres Segovia is one of the characters in the novel that is looking for emancipation a complete freedom from the life he has led and is living. Segovia whose parents got killed in an accident went through a troubled life because of it. His rape and anger causes him to spin out of control and his remembrance of the past still holds him victim. Andres is trying to free himself from the hurt and loneliness. He is trying to forget and fight his demons causing him to never get anywhere good. After being so many times in jail and being alone he wants to be set free somehow he wants to find love to be that little boy he used to be. The way he is reaching his emotional freedom is by taking his anger out in an unhealthy way then later followed by hours and days in council with Grace Delgado. His memories and thinking though they always hit a chord will eventually lead him to heal himself and for forgiveness of his own self.

            The two brothers and sister, Mando and Yolie, were too looking for emancipation both legal and anarchistic wise. Mando was always fighting with his father and there were always screams in the house. Yolie as well as Mando were always disobeying their parents they were the typical rebel teens. They wanted to create their own lives without their parents’ orders and demands. After the death of their parents both were somewhat released from always doing what their “strict” parents always said. Mando became emancipated from them since he was 18 and was free to do as he pleased. Yolie was younger but also wanted to do as she pleased. Mando took the family with the help of Yolie to Juarez to live where they were free from any morals, laws, rules, etc. They were running away from the fear of their own emotions after the death of their parents as well as the desire to run their own lives. They with took this plan successful at first for Mando was working and bringing money to the house but later problems arise with the two figures due to partner issues and lack of money. They had at last become adults left with their own decisions like they wanted to. Unfortunately, depriving the kids from a childhood and a life well stabled like the one the Fernandez family once promised.

            Mrs. Fernandez became a paternal figure to the children when the passing away of the Segovia coupled occurred. Gladly she took the children into her house together with her husband who too became like the new father. For Andres Segovia, the second youngest of the kids, Mrs. Fernandez symbolized his own mother; so loving, so beautiful, and nice. Andres connected her to his mother almost exactly like her. After Mando took the children away from the Fernandez household, Andres felt guilty for having gone with them and not staying, or giving even a simple explanation. Andres never went back to say sorry after the mess they had made and how they had left without any explanation. When he wants to say sorry to Mrs. Fernandez he is actually apologizing to himself for accusing his own child self of having gone with his brother/sisters. For having done of life such a mess and depriving himself from an education, writing, his life in El Paso that he wanted, his bike, everything that he had before and that he had pushed away and shut down just like his own future life.

            Every human in this planet is searching for something specially freedom. Freedom is often searched for, from the every day life, the monotonous lifestyle, the pain and hurt, the past, the loneliness. It is the most beautiful gift of the soul ever to be received.