A reporter always dreams of the perfect story and sometimes the drive behind that leads to liability and false light in the journalistic world. Unfortunately, this practice is common for some reporters as shown by their biased writing about Juarez.
Juarez is called one of the most dangerous places in the world, but let us not forget that when there is a negative a positive must be in existence. Therefore, Juarez still possesses beautiful places and excellent art shows with magnificent quality. There are still honest people who go to work everyday, students who attend school, and a socio-economic system that with all its faults still functions. Its culture is one of the most interesting, unique, and beautiful in our continent. Not to mention that Mexico itself as a country is one of the wonders of our universe.
As a reporter you must be honest, fair, gather accurate information, interpret the information the right way, and finally report. One must never forget that there are two sides to a story and focusing on only one side is unethical and an insult to fair journalism. Another important point is that you must have the academic credentials as a journalist and faithfully research all the topics and subtopics that fall under the category being reported. Another important aspect is the fact that in a news channel or program, the news anchors are only there to inform about different topics, not to give their audience their two cents worth on anything. This is not an opinion segment, and if one feels the need to express oneself, the media offers other creative alternatives to do so. For example, if you are a terrified reporter in a “dangerous” place, your face and feelings should be left outside the box.
As a citizen of the El Paso, Texas, I, too, am horrified and saddened by the events across the border, and I am utterly aware of the situation. However, I must admit that I am grateful for having the opportunity to experience the clashing of two cultures and being able to take the best of two worlds. This topic has given me plenty to write about and do art about it. Of course, with the awareness of the violence and the joy of life.
As a writer and artist myself I strongly disagree with some media reports, journalists, and the way stories are now being reported. I know that young blood in journalism is needed, but many of these illiterate, inexperienced, and so-called journalists have no clue about true journalism. The news is strictly to inform, not to give a personal opinion, and if you do not like your assignment, it is best to tell the truth to your editor. This is the right thing to do in journalism and life in general.