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15 Days

Dedicated to: Mandy,Pa, Ilario, Bibi, Choni, and Andrew.


The following words do not support in any way any religious group but rather serve as a literary device and a “what if”. If thou shall be offended please ignore this theory of the creation of earth and life.

Alessandra Paul

It is written that God created the world in seven days but, we as humans when do we start creating our own world? How long does it take to create our own existence?
It took God seven days but it took me 19 years to create my own world and 15 days to fall into this realization.
15 days were how long it took me to accept that I am alive at last, to know that I cannot live without the people in my life, to know that I will forever love you, to grow to love a family when we are oceans apart.
I created my world in 19 years and accepted my own life, defeats, wins, to know the truth, to not hide the feelings of the heart out of fear of vulnerability, to decide that the upcoming choices in life will be for the better and not fear, and to accept and love everyone including myself.
But as humans when do we start creating our own world aside from the one we live in? How long does it take for our own realization?

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I feel like i have been waiting for a change for something to happen in life. Something. Something…
Have felt like i have been sitting in a train that only goes one way and you cant get off for as soon as you try it goes faster again throwing you to the floor. Sometimess it does stop but people push you back in.

So soon you start meeting wonderful people and realizing that every human no matter how simple they might look they all have a story. You realize that its no coinsidence you stayed where you were.

In this train that seems to go one way i have met everyone from druggies to business people to kids who teach you a lesson to lovers and murderes…
I have met everyone.

But i am stuck in this train and it only goes one way.
Through this glass i see beautiful and filthy places but i can only see freedom through a glass and never taste it,touch,feel, and make it me.

This train the one that only goes one way is has a slave to other peoples emotional wellness serving as a krutch for them. Yes, they gave me life but as my duty to them i shall live it.
After all life is not life if you do not live it.

I am waiting for a change in a train that only goes one way. In need of a change a change of pace.
A change and a chance to make this what i am my own to be my own owner.
To live and be able to touch and feel the places and people the world i can only seee through a glass.
To get off this train and walk into my own where everyone else is a passanger that can leave whenever they desire.
It is the time for a change in this train that only goes one way.
Time to rip apart from the chains that hold me and fulfill my dreams.
Its time.
The time for a change.

The time is now i served my sentense.


Broken Glass (poem)

Broken Glass

By Alessandra Paul

Never will I see the sun, its eyes are my light.

Safe inside I find my agony reflected upon shinny glass.

Darkness surrounds my atmosphere and now I’ve lost my sight.

This sad scenery has made me realize I left nothing behind, at last.

Glorious moon never shall it shine, my pallor face has found its sun.

It shines and shines, and shines again fitting perfectly into my skin.

The burden that wrapped has been thrown and taken its place now in dust.

The glass is half broken now and reasons to smile are written on this list.

Red and white flow through the cracks this is my time to say I was built with lust.

Lust for a dream and wish for immortality, but death was never forsaken.

Your love made me realize I shouldn’t fear what’s inside…

Holding now the hourglass and your love, while lying on this cold floor adorned with broken glass and my sanguine rain, now my life I have taken.

I left all behind at last.

Time has come to mind and has made me realize I left nothing behind at last.

All these pictures were taken in the wonderful paradise land of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and its little towns in and around it. This new photography album is titled: “A World Not Far Away” because as a person who’s soul has been searching for a paradise for almost a decade now, has finally found it. Paradise is not far away in fact it can be right in front of us just like our dreams, what we have been searching for all along.
Location: ALL over Mexico/Pt.Vallarta