Alessandra Paul

Photographer, Writer, Model, Art

Thank you, for taking an interest in my work. I trust you have already seen my portfolio or gone to one of the shows. If you have not please don’t hesitate to ask me for my portfolio or wonder around in my websites. Below are the listings of the jobs I perform, prices, and paying methods.

If you would like to view this document in another language here are the languages you can choose from: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Please send me a message if you would like to view this in another language or if you don’t see your language.



All photography is $10. It comes in 8×10 on a black or white elegant cardboard. If you would like one the pieces done already for media purposes and not just for enjoyment please specify so I can give you a release form. (? For legal purposes at the end I provide an explanation)


If you decide you want me to do it anyways then the prices range from $35 and up. It all depends on the location (gas isn’t cheap), time, event, etc.


Poems, articles, stories, essays, lyrics. If you are interested in one you already saw than please specify which one you’d like to acquire and state the reasons why, after this I will send you a release form. All writings are $75 and up. If you’d like me to write for you the first piece is free.

  • MODELING Please go there first if you are interested, for my composite card and portfolio can be found there. I don’t do modeling for any obscene, degrading, religious, blasphemous, or nude purposes. Prices vary according to what, when, where, and other reasons.

  • ART

All artwork prices are around $100 to $400. I provide all the materials needed, time, and talent. If you already have a design in mind or are looking for a specific something than please tell me.

  • Graphic Design/Digital Manipulation/Backgrounds/Layouts

If you are interested in retouches, Photoshop, poster or any other type of designs, website layout designs or backgrounds please contact me in person or schedule a meeting with me. I need to know what’s in your head, goals, and aims. Prices vary anywhere from $30-$100.


        It’s a form that states that I have given you permission to use my work without you getting into any type of problems with the law. If you for any reason take what’s mine and not notify me or at least give credit for it I will not hesitate to take legal action against you. This is a way to protect you and me.


1.  Pay Pal (online, easy, and safe) my address is

2.  Cash (not recommended if mailed)

3.  Check. Make check to Alessandra Paul.

*Please note that if prices are more than $100 I need a 50% down payment.

*After your order I will email or mail you a receipt.

*After I have finished I will notify you and the rest of the money will be paid. If you’d like modifications a modest price might be charged.

*Finally, another email will be sent as proof of the work and to state that the money has been paid.

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have any doubts or complaints please feel free to message me!

Here are some of my websites and portfolio. (all links can be found here!)

Hope to work you!

Alessandra Paul.