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The effect of “Satanic” metal
By Alessandra Paul

April 20th, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made a plot to kill everyone at their school in Columbine, just two weeks before their graduation; sadly, this not only turned into a mass murder of 13 people, 20 injured bodies, and a double suicide, but a mass or pointing fingers at the Metal world.

Reports have stated that Harris and Klebold were part of the Trench Coat Mafia and fans of Marilyn Manson; many Christians such as David J. Stewart have gone to the extreme of saying that Manson inspires kids to kill.

“If you don’t want society to come after you when shootings occur, then maybe you shouldn’t go around singing about murdering people,” said Stewart.

The main question here is: does “Satanic” Metal make people really kill? Or does the murderer have the killing gene within already? Is there anyone really to blame?

“Satanic Music would be described as any type of music that exemplifies Satan or the teachings of Satanism. Even Anton LaVey put out Satanic Music and it wasn’t even close to metal sounding,” said Mike Browning, Ex-drummer/vocalist of band Morbid Angel.

In the 1990’s a wave of church burnings and murders took Norway by surprise, as people with corpse paint, pentagrams, and Satanists, appeared with a violent approach.

Ironically, guitarist of Emperor, Samoth and Varg Vikernes of Burzum were the first two individuals to initiate the church burnings and the murders of fellow musicians and people such as Oysten Aarseth of Mayhem.

These infamous happenings led to a lot of speculation and people started associating black vestments, music, and looks with murderers; and of course kids trying to copy their role models; but, can one really blame the music industry?

“I think that’s most likely a result of poor parenting,” said Joe Letz, drummer of band Combichrist.

“People should be looking at the environment that such people are brought up in. What drives a person to such hate? Was it a serious failing on the part of the system, and the parents to educate and observe if there may be any form of irrational and adverse behavior and deal with the problem before it spirals out of control, and show some form of caring and responsibility? Or did Marilyn Manson have some form of hypnotic power over these individuals, and make them go on a killing spree in his name?” said BobSwan/ Asmodeus Hru an rtists, novelist, and Satanic Thelamite.

Music, as we might like to recognize this or not, does have an effect on everyone, this wonderful creation helps kids to memorize and learn new things, calm one’s self, and serve as therapy, etc.

For example, Lexa Vonn a writer and founder of The Plastics professional groupies, found that in Marilyn Manson’s album Anti-Christ Superstar had a positive message and even saved her life at one of her lowest points.

“Although the suicide rate is higher among rock and heavy metal fans, a study of students with psychiatric disorders who were also heavy metal fans actually showed improved mood after listening to their music of choice.” stated Jennifer Copley in Psychology of Heavy Metal Music.

It has been proven that music also has a biological effect on a person, for it is linked to the pain perception receptors of the body and the Limbic System is directly affected by it; however one can battle that not everyone is affected by this.

“Most of us have experienced kind of a rush when approaching a concert of a more aggressive/”evil”/doomy kind,  but personally I think this is more healthy to have “contact” with such than to repress it and later go amok with a shotgun or whatever. ” said Tormentor, guitarist of Black Metal band Gorgoroth.

For example, last Halloween, a Marilyn Manson song was performed by the dance group in Loretto High School and no girl went on a rampage; this simply served to create a great atmosphere.

“Since the beginning of time sounds like chanting and drumming have been used in rituals to work the person up to a frenzied state which causes a direct psychological effect on the brain and the body and can cause visions and even seizures,” said Browning.

Music might affect some people’s mind, which basically consists of people who find comfort in this music and fail to set a balance between what’s reality and music/art; their oppression or whatever happens to be their issue begins to find a way of venting out.

As for music, art, poetry, etc. one cannot take everything seriously; art itself is only but an interpretation of something, an expression, a reflection. Stanton LaVey, grandson of Anton LaVey, founder of the Satanic Church paints murders, but, nevertheless he isn’t going out there murdering people.

“Art is left open to one’ s interpretation. It’s where your head is at and who you are in your soul that makes you see something one way or another. Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon because of his interpretation of the classic novel, Catcher In The Rye. Yet, high schools still require this book,” said Lexa Vonn.

Many bands, as we know, sell out and portrait themselves as something they are not; it takes a weak-minded individual to do what the artist is portraying, when in all reality the musicians don’t believe or even take part of any real sacrifices or worshipping.

“I would say the majority of musicians and bands that have Satanic or similar imagery and music are only doing it for the shock value and to sell their product.” said Browning

One needs to remember that art is but an interpretation of things and as King Diamond once said: “We are entertainers not preachers” or  Cronos of Venom who also stated: “This is basically entertainment; that’s as far as it goes.”

The quest of finding if music tied with killings or destructive behavior will always be debated, but one thing needs to be set clear,Metal or in this case “Satanic” metal does not make you kill, the individual already has an innate drive for murder.

“I wonder what the Church was playing and listening to when there was hundreds of years of Witch Trials, and hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions of men, women and children were burnt at the stake for Witchcraft. I wonder what music incited the Crusaders to one hundred years of war, bloodshed and murder.” said Asmodeus Hru.

Queen of the opera

Queen of the opera

 By Alessandra Paul

Opera singer and music teacher, Yvonne Loftin, has captivated audiences worldwide; a Loretto graduate, she has strived all her life to help artists in the making. Mrs. Loftin, together with her husband, Prentice Loftin, founded the Conservatory of El Paso in 2004 , having taught many great singers, including Marie Gailey, former Loretto student. Mrs. Loftin has been a professional singer for 40 years; she loves teaching music and has helped young singers find their way in the music world. Mrs. Loftin started her musical career at the age of 18 as a UTEP student; that same year, she was in her first opera, Madama Butterfly, in which she performed the lead. “I left UTEP, and I traveled a lot all over the world, singing.” said Loftin. She lived in Spain, Mexico, and other places representing the American Embassy and the Department of State in Mexico; this, she says, has been some of the highlights in her life. After traveling and living in many different places, she came back to El Paso, because of her children, and performed in Tosca, the first opera staged here in El Paso. “Other highlights in my life have been performing for the National Public Radio with my students, who received a $75,000 scholarship for the New England Conservatory.” said Loftin. Mrs. Loftin and her husband are both united in helping artists through the Conservatory. “We have the strongest desire to help them; there are so many talented people here in El Paso.” Mrs. Loftin said. One of her joys in life is finding out her students have succeeded and grown to be wonderful singers. “You see, I love hearing from all these young people whom I have taught!” “One of the most important forces in life is parents’ support of their children’s talents. It is the most perfect gift parents can give, especially, if a child loves music.” The music career of Yvonne Loftin has offered her many rewarding moments and the opportunity to teach and guide a new generation to superior heights.